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Cockfighting Gambling Game Increasingly Popular

Cockfighting Gambling Game Increasingly Popular – Some of the articles we will provide are articles that we summarize from trusted sources, here are some articles that discuss the increasingly popular cockfighting game.

Cockfighting itself is a game of fighting two chickens in a circle or arena. Usually the chickens are pitted until one of them runs away or loses, even to death. This game is usually followed by gambling which takes place not far from the cockfighting arena.

Since the advent of online cockfighting gambling sites such as s1288, Indonesian people’s interest in traditional cockfighting gambling on the spot has switched to more advanced technology by relying on an Internet connection on a laptop or personal computer.

News of the Arrest of Cockfighting Gambling Fans in the Headlines of Recent News, Moreover, There is News of the Death of Spectators and Cockfighting Owners, Due to Spurs / Knives Attached to Fighting Chickens at the Arena of the Fighting Cock Tournament in Indonesia.

Online Cockfighting Gambling Is Increasingly Popular among the Upper Class People No Longer Known to the Lower Class People Who Like to Play Cockfighting Gambling, Many Fans Come from Businessmen, Lawyers, Doctors, and Even the Police Himself Like to Play Cockfighting Gambling Online, which in fact still have gaps in enforcement Law in Indonesia.

In fact, the Upper Class Boxer who wants to run for President of the Philippines likes to play cockfighting gambling. This bad habit was thrown by assistant coach Buboy Fernandez. He said that the 36-year-old boxer caught the gambling “virus” in 2011.

At that time, said Fernandez, Pacquiao and his younger brother Bobby regularly flew to Southern California just to waste money on the gambling table. In fact, he is willing to spend USD100 thousand or approximately IDR 1.3 billion. When his finances began to become unstable, aka bankrupt, he was called by promoter Bob Arum.

When his financial situation started to normalize, Pacquiao’s bad habits returned. But this time he switched to cockfighting gambling and Fernandez said he often accompanied Pacquiao in betting on gambling and usually he put up USD50 thousand for each party. Furthermore, Pacquiao even spent 16 million pesos or around USD 360 thousand on traditional Filipino games.

The above case can be used as a lesson for other upper class people, the upper class prefers safer alternative gambling such as playing online or live using a computer. Moreover, with the presence of cockfighting agents in Indonesia, the interest of potential cockfighting gambling fans in Indonesia is getting bigger with the presence of these agents who can help gamblers and fighting cock enthusiasts to play cockfighting gambling.…