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REVEALED ! ONLINE BALL GAMBLING MAFIAThe existence of the online soccer gambling mafia is considered to be threatening the current world of football matches. The reason is, the online soccer gambling mafia often hooks unscrupulous players to soccer managers in launching their actions. However, online soccer gambling mafia is considered normal, not only in football but also in a number of other sporting events held around the world.

However, soccer has become a pioneer in online soccer gambling which is even played by the elite. Basically, online soccer gambling is almost similar to gambling in general. However, online soccer betting is betting on football matches, in this context even international football matches. Based on information, online soccer gambling is run by a Casino based in Asia.

Countries in Asia that run online soccer gambling casinos include Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. The country is also often referred to as a global illegal gambling syndicate. Despite the fact that online soccer betting is also happening in Europe, the center of world football. Summarized by from YouTube Tutorial Gratis on Friday, June 24, 2022, online soccer gambling transactions can occur between the mafia and players, the mafia and the coach manager, the mafia and club management, and the mafia and the referee. This happened in accordance with the statistics of online soccer gambling which was being carried out by the mafia.

The following is an example of a fraudulent scheme for online soccer gambling practices that injure the world of football.

If a transaction occurs between the manager and the mafia, it is only known by the manager himself without the knowledge of the club players and the online gambling practice is executed professionally. For example, if the manager has sold 65 minutes of his time to the online soccer gambling mafia, then within 65 minutes the player may not score a goal against the opponent. Another example of a condition, if the club manager has sold three goals conceded, the club may not score until 0:3 has been conceded for the club.